Gene Source Code Chain
Own your data, master the future
The Key Problem
Genomic and health data is currently isolated, inaccessible, and has not reached its full potential in terms of improving healthcare and eliminating diseases.
Three Challenges
1. Centralized corporations are making money from consumers' data without their knowledge.
2. Critical data is disseminated to untrustworthy 3rd-party organizations.
3. Patients are paying excessive prices for healthcare services and medicine.
What We Need
1. A secure mechanism that enables users to completely own and benefit from their genomic and healthcare data and that ensures their confidential data is kept private.
2. An ecosystem that provides personalized healthcare services for everyone.
3. A research system that allows researchers to widely recruit patients who are incentivized to participate.
Gene Source Code Chain
The Gene Source Code Foundation is building the world’s largest distributed genomic and healthcare data storage system based on blockchain technology.
Our system will focus on providing large-scale data sharing and a token utilization mechanism, which will encourage users to share genomic and health-related data within the ecosystem. Users can also get personalized healthcare advice from various service providers in the ecosystem. Researchers will then be able to find data they need to conduct scientific research..
A reliable distributed storage system and privacy protection
          mechanism that keeps genomic and healthcare data secure
A data authorization and monetization system to empower
          consumers to take full control of their data
A healthcare services marketplace for consumers and a data
          sharing platform for researchers
Privacy Protection
All data is encrypted and goes through a data masking process, which decouples the users’ ID from their data to protect the privacy of every user.
Token Incentive
Using a very unique consensus mechanism, the gene acquisition system will encourage early adopters with gene tokens to share genomic data and all health-related data such as exercise, diet, medical records, etc.
Decentralized Storage
Using advanced storage mechanisms, each data record and transaction will have a unique digital fingerprint that allows the data to be approved and verified.
Healthcare Marketplace
An open marketplace for healthcare services and an app will be built along with genomic analytics and a variety of metadata APIs, which will usher in a new healthcare economy.
Science Advisors
John Lu
Doctoral Advisor for the Biotech Department of Tsinghua University
Bioinformatics Ph.D. from Yale University
Luping Xu
Tsinghua University’s Open Fiesta
Founding Director
Tsinghua University Doctoral Advisor
Nanobiotechnology Ph.D. from Peking University and postdoc at L'Université Paris Descartes
Aard Groen
Dean / Professor of Innovative Entrepreneurship at University of Groningen and at University of Twente / NIKOS, Netherlands
Our Team
Peter Tian
Blockchain hacker, Go and Ruby hacker
Crypotocurrency Exchange Development Expert
EOS Development Contributor
Andy Zhuang
Python and Business Hacker
Master’s in Engineering, TUDelft
Early participant in the Bitcoin movement
William Xie
C++ Hacker
expert on computer vision and distributed storage system
Beijing Institute of Technology Computer Science, Ph.D.
Puzzor Shi
Security Hacker
Chinese Academy of Sciences Information Technology, Ph.D.
Microsoft Global Internet Safety Vulnerability Expert
Top 18th Pentester in the world
Thomas Yang
Bioinformatics Hacker
Postdoctoral Associate, Yale University
Ph.D. in Bioinformatics, Tsinghua University
Master’s in Statistics, UCLA
Charissa Trahms
Business Development Hacker
Business Management, Biola University
Solid BD and management experiences
Primary Investors
Our course
March 2017
Gene Source Code Chain Foundation makes several breakthroughs in the bioinformatics and health prediction domain
May 2017
Gene Source Code Chain Foundation joined forces with Peking University’s internet finance foundation and Tsinghua University’s Biotech department to prove the concept of storing health data within blockchain
April 2018
Private placement accomplished and build-up of online communities initiated
Dec 2018
The precision personal health prediction system is completed, and the personal healthcare assistant app is released
May 2019
Gene Source Code Chain blockchain system is completed along with the wallet and sharing incentive system
October 2019
The main distributed data system is completed along with the exchange mechanism
May 2020
Ecosystem matures and more healthcare partners and providers join
Own your data, master the future
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